About Clovers Print Kennel

Well, if you have made it this far I am sure you are interested to learn about who the faces behind our program are. Welcome to making it this far into the Clovers Print Kennel program information.


First you will meet Taylor, she is the voice and brains behind our operation. She puts a focus on making sure we are doing things at the top notch and never missing a beat. She came to Clovers Print Kennel in the spring of 2016 when she met Nix. She handles all of our puppy families and makes sure things run seamlessly with the transition of bringing home your new puppy.


Next you will meet Nix, he is the driving force behind Clovers Print Kennel. He began this adventure at the age of 18 in 2014 with his very first husky, Clover. He fell in love with her and she saved him from a very dark time in his life. He knew he wanted to pass that feeling along to other people in the best possible way, through confident, well rounded puppies. So the adventure began.


Then, you will meet our two kids who have grown up alongside our pack and puppies. They love every minute of it. Essik and Sussyx spend heaps of time working with our puppies to help them be adjusted to the hustle and bustle of young kids and a family environment. Now Nix didn’t just wake up one day and decide to begin having puppies! That is not quite how it works, if only it was that simple. He spent time under a mentor in Wisconsin to learn about being a breeder and making sure it is something he could handle. With being a breeder the great times are incredible but that does not mean the bad times don’t come along eventually.

When he met Taylor in 2016, they spent a long time (5 whole years) working on the program and improving it to stand where it does today. That includes a 1,600-mile move to North Carolina from Wisconsin and putting a lot of focus on the health and happiness of their program. Now situated in the heart of North Carolina, Taylor and Nix continue to focus on making their program the best it can be with a combination of health and happiness at the soul of it.


They do complete all OFA testing in accordance with CHIC certifications, full DNA panels, PennHip testing, and training with their program before one of their fur babies joins them. All of our puppies are raised with a curriculum that allows them to have a voice in their placements and make sure to match the correct family to them. Not only are you getting a healthy puppy, but Taylor focuses most of her extra time on education. Including AKC BRED WITH HEART certifications for continuing education but also seeking out breeder seminars all across the USA to make sure we are always staying on top of