Food and Supplements for Your New Dark Golden Puppy

Dark Golden Retriever Group

As a breeder we focus our program on managing nutrition and potential issues that could arise with a holistic and natural approach first. Before we turn to traditional medications, this includes our food, treats, and supplements we use with our dogs and our puppies. Providing them with proper nutrition is a cornerstone of their health and happiness. Most issues that arise are started on the inside before we can see the after effects on the outside.

Holistic pet nutrition, which focuses on a comprehensive approach to pet health with no corn, wheat, soy, or byproducts and ethically sourced products that are human grade to make sure we are not giving our puppies and our goldens and our siberian huskies the absolute best possible. PawTree, a leader in the holistic pet nutrition field, offers a range of products designed to meet the unique needs of our dark golden and our wooly siberian husky puppies. With top tier ingredients sourced in the USA (aside from their duck which comes from France) and is manufactured here in the USA. A support staff based in Texas to help with any and all potential issues that could arrive.

What is Holistic Pet Nutrition?

Holistic pet nutrition considers the whole animal, emphasizing natural and high-quality ingredients that support overall well-being. Unlike conventional pet food, which may rely heavily on fillers, by-products, and artificial additives, holistic pet nutrition prioritizes:

  • Natural Ingredients: Whole foods that are minimally processed to maintain as much of their benefits without losing them in the breakdown process. So instead of seeing chicken by product or pea protein, you turn the bag around and see chicken and peas.
  • Balanced Diet: A mix of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that are ethically sourced and manufactured.
  • Preventative Care: Nutritional support to prevent diseases and improve health. As the founding blocks to keeping your puppy healthy begins with what they are fed every day!
  • Customization: Diet plans tailored to an individual puppies needs, considering factors like age, breed, health status, and any potential problems that are already present with your puppy or adult dogs. So you are able to tailor what we are already using to meet not only your new dark golden or wooly siberian husky puppy but the other pets in your home as well.

Natural Supplements You Can Use With Your Dark Golden or Wooly Siberian Husky Puppy

We use a mix of supplements with our puppies and our adults as well to make sure everyone meets their individual needs. To start we use NuVet multivitamins with all of our puppies (both our dark golden puppies and our wooly siberian husky puppies).

  • NuVet; is an all natural immune booster that is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help make sure their immune system is always running at the top of their game. NuVet also has some aspects of their product that can help support joint health in adults or growing puppies and can help to promote a healthy GI system by promoting the good healthy gut flora.
  • Gastro Pro Plus; We also use PawTree’s gastro pro plus every day with our golden and husky puppies. They get 1 chew with each meal and it helps to keep their gut flora moving in the right direction. This is vital especially in times of stress and changes such as vaccines, dewormings, and with the stress of going to their new homes.
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon & Pollock Oil; We use the salmon and pollock oil with all of puppies to help increase their Omega 3’s and 6’s so their coat and skin stays in top shape. This is incredibly important with two double coat breeds especially with a dark golden or a wooly siberian husky puppy as their coats work both as their own personal heating and cooling unit. Making sure to stay on top of making sure they get plenty of Omega’s and regular grooming/coat maintenance on schedule is extremely important for their coats.
  • NuJoint; We use NuJoint with our adult dark goldens and wooly siberian huskies after they turn 6 months old. NuJoint is owned and manufactured with NuVet so they maintain their standards of a natural and holistic approach to their products. NuJoint also helps with joint lubrication and inflammation reduction, so as they are growing and after they have hit their adult size, they can maintain healthy joints for their entire life.


In conclusion, a properly developed diet along with proper development of a supplement routine would be fantastically beneficial to your dark red golden puppy or a wooly siberian husky puppy. This is something you really need to consider when getting your puppy and maintaining their health for the long term. Focusing on finding a food with no extra fillers, by products, or junk product will do huge things for your puppy in the long run. Supplements are also something that can be packed with extra “junk” things that are not necessary so when picking those make sure to pay attention to their ingredients and their sourcing. You can always ask your breeder for their advice on the products they use as well!

-Clovers Print Kennel