Meet Kiri

Meet Kiri
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Meet Kiri, an almost 5-month-old Siberian husky puppy who is eagerly searching for her perfect family. Kiri is not just any puppy; she’s a smart, loving, and playful girl who would be the perfect addition to a family with young kids and enjoy a semi active lifestyle but also enjoy a good cuddle on the couch.

Kiri is well on her way to being the perfect companion. She is 95% potty trained, is starting her basic commands like sit, leave it, and her puppy recall, and is making great progress with crate training. Her playful and friendly nature makes her an instant hit with children, and her energy is perfect for a family that loves outdoor adventures or a great cuddle on a rainy Sunday afternoon. She does enjoy a small dip in the water as long as she can touch the bottom and get out when she wants as she is not overly fond of being wet unless it’s hot outside.

Imagine your kids’ faces lighting up with joy as they run around the yard with Kiri, or the whole family enjoying a hike together or a Saturday night movie marathon with your new furry friend leading the way. Kiri is not just looking for a home; she’s looking for a family to share her love, affection, and adventures with.