New Puppy Checklist

These are the things we feel are important for every puppy going home. 

Some things included in our checklist are puppy favorite toys, dog beds we recommend, our pack favorite treats, the puppy food we feed, crate, vitamins, and even cleaners.

Collar & Leash

Your puppy’s first collar should be nylon, size small adjustable and a 6ft leash is the preferred length for walking

Puppy Food

We feed Victor High Pro Plus paired with a probiotic for optimal health


Toys provide exercise and are a safe way to satisfy your puppy’s need to chew. Always provide many types of toys to keep your puppy entertained


We recommend a 36" wire crate with an adjustable divider and a crate bed to keep your pup comfortable

NuVet Vitamins

Skin, coat, hip and joint supplement. NuVet is an immune system builder with vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants
Use code 217302 to order


These are our pack favorites! Always reward your puppy with a treat for good behavior

Food Bowls

Great food bowl choices

Dog Bed

A comfortable place for your pup to sleep. These are a few dog bed options that we recommend

Other Puppy Essentials

More puppy must-haves