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Clovers Selesta In The Stars

Selesta is the old soul of the pack, her entire life she has had this demanor about her where she seems like she has been through a million battles and always won. She is as sweet as they come with this sensitive soul that makes you feel as though she knows exactly what you are saying or going through. She loves attention and would rather hang out on the couch with you all day than do much of anything else. Her eyes make you feel as though she has a story that you will never know but she wears it beautifully. She gets along with everyone without an issue an her tail is always going. She is the first to come up for attention from anyone she meets and has never met a stranger a day in her life. She is well behaved and always listens no matter what else is going on around her. She is an incredible mom and loves her babies.


Hips: GOOD



Heart: Normal


Carrier of ICH