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Puppy Prices

AKC Limited Rights

Siberian Husky

$ 1000
$200 reservation fee required*

Golden Retriever

$ 1800
$300 reservation fee required*

Your puppy will come with:

  • AKC papers and 30 days of AKC Pet Insurance
  • AKC reunite microchip
    Enrollment fee of $20 is due at pick up
  • Dewormed at 2,3,4,6 and 8 weeks and their first 5 way puppy vaccination
  • A mandatory spay/neuter contract
  • A small kit including:

Sample food
2 small bags of treats
3 toys
Homemade blanket
Folder with all records and information

* The reservation fee to hold is nonrefundable. The remaining amount is due at pick up or at 8 weeks of age.

Puppy Prices

Siberian Husky

$ 1000 $200 Reservation Fee required*

Golden Retriever

$ 1800 $300 Reservation Fee required*

Our Puppies Will Come With:

  • AKC Registration & 30 days of AKC Pet Insurance
  • AKC Reunite Microchip; Enrollment fee of $20 is due at pick up
  • Dewormed at 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8 Weeks and their first 5 way puppy vaccine
  • A Mandatory Spay/Neuter Contract
  • A Small Kit Including:

Sample food
2 small bags of treats
3 toys
Homemade blanket
Folder with all records & information

* The reservation fee to hold a puppy is nonrefundable. The remaining amount is due at pick up, or at 8 weeks of age.

*The microchip lifetime enrollment fee of $20 will be due at pick up 

Extra Packs

Interested in new puppy supplies?
We hand-picked the essentials into additional kits that include the puppy supplies you might be looking for.
Want to pick your own new puppy goods?
Check out our New Puppy Checklist page where we listed both the essentials and our dogs’ favorites.

Deposit & Waiting List

If your application is approved, the next step is to submit a deposit. A deposit is required to hold a particular available puppy for you or to hold your spot on our waiting list for our next available litters.

A deposit is non-refundable,  however, it is valid for 1 year from the date of placement and it is transferable meaning if you choose a puppy, you can change your mind and transfer the deposit to another future litter, as available. A transfer must be made prior to the original puppy being 5 weeks, if it is not and the puppy is over 5 weeks old the deposit will not be transferred and will no longer be valid. A deposit can be transferred but only hold a maximum of 2 puppies (only 1 at a time) and must be within the 1-year time frame. A deposit is to show your commitment to purchasing a puppy with us. 

Please make sure you have reviewed Our pack page, Facebook or Instagram photos for reference of our puppies to be positive we can meet your expectations and provide you with your perfect puppy.

We do our best when it comes to pairings and servicing everyone in a timely manner but we can’t always guarantee what will be born so you must be open when placing a deposit.

We, under no circumstances guarantee a puppy’s eye color, coat color, coat length, or any other tangible attributes.

All of our puppies are sold on a MANDATORY spay/neuter contract, no exceptions! If at any time we feel the sale should not go through, we hold the right to refund a deposit and cancel the sale at any time, at our discretion, this can be for any reason we see fit.

If your deposit is used to be placed on our waiting list, you are placed based on your preferred gender. You will be contacted in the order deposits were received when a puppy of your preference is born. Keep in mind this may not be from the fist litter you see posted as it will depend on your placement on the waitlist.

Puppy picks are made by pictures only, and when we believe puppies are healthy and no longer in danger of passing. Generally, this is around 5-14 days of age. We do offer facetime/zoom, by appointment only and only after the puppies are 5 weeks or older.

We are not a public facility meaning we do not allow in person visitation for safety reasons including transmissible diseases such as parvo and distemper. If your application is approved we are more than happy to facetime with the puppy who you specify on your application. 

Puppy pick ups are a SCHEDULED event meaning they are done on specific days with a specific time for each family. You are expected to arrive at that time and if you are more than 10 minutes late without contact, your appointment will be canceled and we will add you back into our calendar based on already scheduled appointments. Pick up’s are scheduled on a first come first serve basis meaning we send everyone the same message and they schedule privately.

You may choose an available puppy or pass and continue to wait for the next available litter.

Wait times can vary based on our females and litter sizes, but most families can expect to get a puppy in a minimum of 6 months but could be a maximum of 24 months.

We will update those who make Puppy picks on mom and puppies health.

We reserve the right to pick out of our available puppies.

Once you pick a puppy, until the puppy is going home, you will receive pictures weekly.

You will receive a contract around 4 weeks of age along with an email from us with puppy pick up information, scheduling pick up, as well as extensive information for you to make going home as easy as possible.




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