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Clovers Wild Wysti From The MidWest

Wysti reminds us of a puppy stuck in a big dog body. She is the most sweet girl with the most playful personality. She loves all toys especially those that squeak. She is as goofy as the little babies who run around chasing their siblings tails, she does the same but to our other adults. She is the typical class clown with a her blue eyes looking up saying she promises it was not her. She thrives with kids and absolutely loves them without a doubt. She follows our kids everywhere and will flop on to her belly for them to give her extra love. She is extremly food motivated as well and is always eager to please especially if her favorite treats are involved. She is very routine oriented and is as predictable as a sun rise and the sunset. She does extremly well off leash as well and sticks by her people without any protest. She is our easiest girl to train as she always listens no matter what may be going on around her, She makes sure to pass that along to her children as well.


Hips: GOOD

PENN HIP:.31 and .31



Preliminary: No


100% Clear