Clovers Runtasaurus To Zaladin-g

Zaladin is our little runt with a huge personality and a will to fight. He was this tiny little 6 oz baby who fought his first few weeks along side us to do what we all thought would never happen, he survived. He is our sweet boy who loves all sorts of attention, even though he strongly believes he is still this little 8 lb baby who can fit in our pocket. He will follow you all around and never protest about what you are asking but rather look up at you with his huge blue eyes as though he has just seen the best thing in the entire world. He loves everyone he meets and always greets them with a huge wet kiss. He loves the water just like his mama and makes sure he gets plenty of it. He is neither toy nor food motivated but prefers attention and affection over all the others. His favorite person is Nix and that comes from the hand feeding with a bottle while he was so little, they grew quite close and that still shows to this day.


Hips: GOOD




100% Clear